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As our name implies, we can weld, braze, or solder nearly any metal. We not only specialize in working with stainless steel and aluminum, but also handle steel, brass, copper, and a variety of cast metals. 

Some of the welding processes we use are: 


An All Metals Welding specialty, TIG welding is a more precise form of fusing all types of metal, with none of the sparks and splatter caused by other forms of welding. It's perfect for that intricate metal work requiring a small bead, or that antique part that can't withstand excessive heat, or that project that needs to not only be strong, but to look like a showpiece. 

A versatile and economical way to join metal, we use MIG primarily for steel items, but also for some aluminum and stainless steel applications. It's not only fast and efficient, but produces a nice looking and strong weld.


Most cast iron or cast steel--like certain engine parts or lawn pumps--can't be welded like typical metals. Brazing is the solution to this dilemma. Instead of melting the parts to be joined, brazing melts only the rod, allowing it to flow into the crack or fissure needing repaired. 

Arc Welding

Also known as stick welding, this is a highly versatile and rudimentary form of welding primarily done in field work, or when working with heavy gauge metals.