Custom Fabrication

Custom fabrication is limited only by your imagination!

All Metals Welding can work wonders to develop your ideas into custom-fabricated designs. From railings to countertops, to trailers for hauling or camping – we have the equipment and knowledge to make your metal-working dreams come true! 

We can: 
- Cut and bend sheet metal up to 12ft. long
- Bend brake metal trim pieces up to 10ft. long
- Replicate obsolete metal pieces
- Cut extrusions to length
- Bend pipe
- Modify existing parts
- Duplicate damaged items

Aluminum Tread Plate Box.

Stainless pre-vandelized countertop

Sculpture "Ally-oop" By Amos Biocic

Wine Rack

Barn style stainless steel sink

Stainless steel countertops

pre-vandelized countertops

3/4 in. stainless steel flat bar hand rail for office building

Pool drain covers made of 1/2 in. bronze

Stainless steel countertop

Stainless steel table with tank

Steel railing for restaurant

Steel corbels for union station

Custom built lights and stainless handrail on building

Aluminum sunshade for law offices

Sunshade and facade for Century21 building

Stainless steel sculpture bases for bank

Sculpture bases for downtown Grand Junction

Custom breakmetal caps for buildings

Sun shades for strip malls

Stainless steel cable handrail

Custom aluminum tread tool box

Custom cover for generator

Custom trailer cover made from aluminum tread

Pop-up camper top made from aluminum


Luggage rack made from aluminum pipe


Custom coffee tables

Custom Floor Inlays

Stool frames

Sink cover made out of stainless

Stainless Steel folding
outdoor benches -
Telluride, CO
Curved stainless steel door with pattern
Telluride, CO
Spiral stainless handrail
Telluride, CO
Mirror finish stainless steel handrail and stairs –
Telluride, CO
Stainless steel countertop
Telluride, CO
Aluminum kennel and storage for hunting dogs
Stainless steel handrail for public building –
Grand Junction, CO
All aluminum shell with sliding top for oil and
gas work
Aluminum fuel tanks, tool box, and headache racks
Stainless steel cave entrance with “escape”
lock feature
Stainless steel and slab
granite table
Copper tubes to transfer Olympic Games papers
from Salt Lake to Turin
Bank cableway system for measuring stream flow
Aluminum pump house with clam shell doors
Sink Enclosure
Sink Enclosure
Custom Toolbox
Custom trailer top
logo in wood flooring
generator cover
pop-up camper top
handrail for boomers
pop-up closed
dry boxes
name plate
coffee table
handles for zip-line covers
luggage rack
gears for poma
stool frames
coffee table
trailer cover
luggage rack
sink cover
aluminum instrumentation box
aluminum instrumentation box
aluminum instrumentation box
wedding cake topper
decorative gate
Custom Fire Ring
Custom Fire Ring
radius brackets
Wine Rack
Zipline handles
Ranch Logo 1inch steel
Copper fireplace doors
hops picker for back of truck
Pump house 10'x10'
Knifes waterjet cut
Dinos cut on waterjet then welded together
Bulk 1/2" ss gussets waterjet cut
Stainless window columns
custom dry box