Waterjetting Services

Amazing results can come from our special waterjetting process.  We take your design, sketch, or drawing and, with the use of our AutoCAD programs, cut precision pieces with our Calypso WaterJet machine.  

We can cut virtually any material, including most all metallic and non-metallic materials, such as ceramic, glass, fiberglass, stone, wood and many others. You can see some of our specialized work below. If you have a specific project, call us - we can give you a quote and help you bring your ideas into reality!

Logo cut into ceramic tile
Custom belt-buckle, made of brass and copper, waterjetted then soldered.
Logo cut into tile
Inlay of brass into black granite
“Snowflake” cut in 1-1/2” sandstone
Aluminum ranch logo
Fireplace with waterjet sandstone inlays in ceramic tile
Logo cut in carpet for locker rooms
Plaque for army national guard
Sun cut in ceramic tile
Gears for Poma
Logo cut into wood flooring
Custom family name plate
1/2" stainless steel gussets
Knife blanks