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How do I know if it's cheaper to repair my metal part rather than replacing it?

In most cases we can fix a broken, bent, or rusted item more cost effectively than they can be bought brand new. However, if we feel that this isn't the case with a particular part, we'll suggest otherwise, as we always consider what's in the best interest of our customers.

How do I determine which type of metal to use for a project?

Steel, aluminum, and stainless steel are the most common metals in use. Choosing between these, however, depends upon many factors, some of which are whether or not the item will be indoors or outdoors, if it's to be painted, if it's structural, or if it's decorative. 

What if I need a few hundred, or even a few thousand of an identical part? Does All Metals have that capability?

Absolutely. With our CNC operated machines, like our waterjet and press brakes, we can manufacture to within strict tolerances as many of an item as one needs.

Is your stainless steel 'food grade' compliant for use in a commercial kitchen?

Yes. The stainless steel we stock meets the standards of compliance for local food and health regulations. Furthermore, we can fabricate and/or weld many if not most items commercial kitchens require.

I need some metal for a job I'm working on, but don't necessarily need any welding or fabrication done. Can I buy just the material alone?

We're happy to sell material to the general public. Besides our broad range of sheet metal, tube, pipe, and angle extrusions we keep in stock, we can special order many kinds of unique items.

Is it true that the waterjet can cut more than just metal?

Our state-of-the-art waterjet can cut many things beside metal, be it wood, tile, ceramic, fiberglass, rubber, stone, plastic, or non-tempered glass. From one-off designs to a thousand replicated parts, the only limit is your imagination.