Our Equipment


Our Waterjet can cut a variety of things including but not limited to, Metals, Stones, Carpet, Tile, Glass, Mirror, Plastics, Rubber, and more!

10Ft. Press Break

This is used for bending materials from about .025 - .25 thick no more than 10 Ft. long

5Ft. Press Break

This press break is used for smaller more mass production type bending. materials are typically anywhere from .025 -.125 thick

12Ft. Sheer

This is used for sheering thicker and longer materials. anywhere from .125 - .375 thick  and up to 12Ft. long

10Ft sheer

This is used for sheering thinner materials up to .125 thick up to 10Ft. long

Leaf Break

This is used for hand bending small materials. Mostly break metal.


 This is used for rolling materials into rings up to .25 thick

12 ft. CNC Press Break

Capable of bending 12ft long and up to 3/16th thick, sheets of steel. 

Sunrise Hydraulic Ironworker

Ironworker capable of cutting, notching, and punching
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